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Children Will Benefit..
Youngsters get to know the young hero and the adventures that carry him toward manhood. As they come to know Jeremiah as a friend who would understand their own growing pains, they look forward to each book in the series.

Teachers will Achieve..
Teachers will appreciate the ways that Jeremiah Stokely novels, kits, and activities make literature meaningful to children.

Alone: The Journey of the Boy Sims - by Alan Garinger
Don't lose the land.  Thirteen-year-old Joshua Sims could not forget his dying father's last request.  But how could he and his sister manager to survive on the Indiana frontier, miles from any neighbor and with no means to pay off their father's debt?  Joining the federal survey crew for the new Michigan Road seems to be the only way Joshua can keep his promise to preserve the family's homestead.

While attempting to cross the Tippecanoe River in northern Indiana, the crew loses crucial supplies, including the particular ink needed to create maps and record survey details.  To his surprise, Joshua is chosen to travel to the survey headquarters in Detroit, a difficult trek through sparsely settled country, to obtain the ink that will keep the operation moving.

Along the way Joshua encounters runaway slaves, Native Americans, canal builders, fur traders and other figures of the rapidly changing frontier.  He finds help in unexpected places even as he faces danger in the unfamiliar terrain.  Joshua's journey forces him to re-evaluate his beliefs as he begins to understand the consequences of pioneer settlement and industry for the land he now calls home.

130pp., 5x7, b/w illustrations, glossary, July 2008

Our Price: $15.95 - Cloth-back

               $7.95 - Paperback

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