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Children Will Benefit..
Youngsters get to know the young hero and the adventures that carry him toward manhood. As they come to know Jeremiah as a friend who would understand their own growing pains, they look forward to each book in the series.

Teachers will Achieve..
Teachers will appreciate the ways that Jeremiah Stokely novels, kits, and activities make literature meaningful to children.

Jeremiah Stokely - Archeologist
Jeremiah is excited! His mother, Nina, won a photo contest and has gone to Arizona to photograph ancient Native American ruins. His best friend, Todd Miller, who recently moved away, comes to spend an entire week. The fun starts when Jeremiah's grandfatherly friend, Bill Loker, takes them on an overnight fishing trip. When Bill gets sick at the river, Jeremiah has to drive the truck for help. He gets the bumper stuck in a mud bank that turns out to be an ancient Indian site. Rita, who is a Native American, wild animal rehabilitator and potter, teaches Jeremiah and his friends how the Old Ones made pottery, but more importantly, she teaches them how her ancestors revered all living things.  Rita gets into  trouble and Jeremiah and his friends try to help her. What happens next changes lives - Rita's, Bill's, Nina's and Jeremiah's.

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Jeremiah Stokely's Pottery Kit

Learn to make pottery using Native American techniques.  The kit will contain clay, tools, and instruction booklet - everything you need to create your own pots, vases, beads and whatever else you can dream up! Click here to view the contents and techniques included with the kit.

Store Price: $8.95 (Not available online)



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