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Children Will Benefit..
Youngsters get to know the young hero and the adventures that carry him toward manhood. As they come to know Jeremiah as a friend who would understand their own growing pains, they look forward to each book in the series.

Teachers will Achieve..
Teachers will appreciate the ways that Jeremiah Stokely novels, kits, and activities make literature meaningful to children.

Alan Garinger’s credentials as educator and author are voluminous. He was an elementary teacher, principal, and community education director for Muncie (IN) Community Schools for 27 years. He left education (so he thought) in 1984 to pursue a full-time writing career.


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Before entering the field of children’s literature, Garinger wrote all or part of 70 nationally broadcast educational TV programs, 15 books, dozens of magazine articles, and 16 computer courseware programs.

The Jay County Indiana native’s one-hour, award-winning PBS special on early childhood education, “A Good Beginning Has No End,” was broadcast on public television nationwide. It was named Best Educational Documentary by the Chicago Film Festival.

His educational laurels include Indiana Outstanding Young Educator, Indiana Outstanding Community Educator, an Indiana State Teachers Association award for Exemplary Inner-city Programs, and appointment to the Indiana Literacy Council.


The author has also received awards in the writing field. Midwest Writers awarded Garinger its prestigious Dorothy Hamilton Award.  His Torch in the Darkness was nominated for the Young Hoosier Reader Award of the Indiana Library Federation.

Torch in the Darkness is a classic tale of a peasant boy who becomes an artist in Renaissance Germany. Prior to Torch, Garinger published a non-fiction youth book entitled Water Monsters. In addition to three books in the Jeremiah series, he has completed a new young adult historical novel, The Journey of the Boy Sims: A Tale of the Vanishing Frontier.

Jeremiah Stokely, Inventor, was released in April, 2002, Jeremiah Stokely, Naturalist, in May, 2003, and Jeremiah Stokely, Archaeologist, is due in Spring, 2004. “Torch,” “Inventor” and “Naturalist” are from Guild Press Emmis Publishing, “Archaeologist” from DayLilyPress, Water Monsters from Greenhaven.


Like the hero of his Jeremiah series, Garinger is himself an inventor, holding patents for the “Infinity Warp” game and the “Stickler” bulk-mailing machine.

The author is also a lifelong advocate of nature appreciation and conservation. From 1976 to 1981, he published an environmental magazine, “Breakthrough Plus 40.” During that time, he inaugurated a project called the “Green Pipeline” that resulted in the planting of thousands of trees across the United States. In 1977, he wrote “The Junk Mail Revolt,” a book on recycling, and from 1977 to 1982 he wrote a monthly column on solar energy for “Muncie Goodtimes.”


Garinger’s first love is teaching children and it shows. He not only writes for them with great understanding and compassion, he also develops and conducts fun educational workshops and classroom programs related to his books. His books inevitably combine educational content, character-building issues, and page-turner plots. His goal is “to educate while I entertain.” His characters are so real that some children who e-mail Jeremiah on the author’s Web site believe the hero is a real boy.

Garinger always replies sensitively, in Jeremiah’s persona, “I’m as real as your imagination makes me.”


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